Home Remedies For Cockroaches: How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches Naturally?

Medical researchers discovered that cockroaches serve as host for transmitting diseases. Cockroaches are annoying, they are not attractive at all. Aside from carrying many kinds of diseases their pungent odor is repulsive. But despite the effort to eradicate these pests, they continue to abound. It that true in your house? Then you are in trouble. Learn the ways on how to get rid of cockroaches naturally. You can find some home remedies below.



  • cockroach controlCut their food supply –  Don’t overlook obvious food sources. the crumbs on the catching tray of your toaster, the spill trays beneath the burners of your kitchen range, may provide enough food for an army of cockroaches.
  • Keep entire kitchen clean immediately and completely –  Make sure that pet foods, garbage, and dirty dishes are not left exposed especially at night. Clean all spaces around and under stoves, refrigerators and cabinets.
  • Keep bulk food in tightly closed containers such as: glass, plastic or metal containers.
  • Throw away stamps and envelop – these are one of the favorite snacks of cockroaches.
  • Make a concerted efforts to close off potential entry points - (possible daytime hiding places). Use caulking compound to seal cracks around posts, based boards, vents, crevices in floors, cabinets, crevices in kitchens and bathrooms and being particularly attentive to gaps where plumbing pipes penetrate floors or walls.
  • Disrupt the cockroach access to water -  Repair any pipe leaking or fixtures and insulate exposed water pipes that drip condensation in hot weather. And because cockroaches often hide out in the traps beneath sink drains, especially kitchen sinks, where food particles tend to collect, leave a tight fitting strainer basket in the drain opening at all times.
  • Use a good roach bait. – If further action is needed, this is the time to mop up any survivors with poison baits, which administer a lethal dose of poison to cockroaches that actually feed on them. The most effective poison currently use in roach baits is a compound called hydramethylnon.  Although it is not harmful to warm blooded animals and to humans, it is highly toxic to cockroaches. It can kill not only those that feed directly on the bait but also those who feed on the bodies of the poisoned cockroach.
  • Boric acid – has found boric acid an effective pesticide against cockroaches. It is cheaper and safer than most insecticides, and also gives long-lasting control with only one application. Cockroaches do not appear to build an immunity to it. How is it used? By filling a rubber squeeze bulb with the fine white powder and blowing it under and behind furniture and in corners, as well as other places. Roaches walk through the powder. Later they pass their legs through their mouths to clean them, swallowing the boric acid, a stomach poison, that kills them. The process is slow but effective.
  • Once your home is relatively cockroach-free, be careful not to transport new ones. New cockroaches my invade your house again through food containers, or trash cans. Examine all incoming bags and containers for insects and their eggs.
  • Remove trash and garbage daily -. Do not  accumulate garbage since it can  can invite cockroaches from neighbors who still have them and will put you back in trouble.
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